Below is a list of the artists who have won prizes at the annual exhibitions of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters since 2013. 

We would like to thank the individuals and companies who so generously award these prizes.

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Burke’s Peerage Foundation Award for Classically Inspired Portraiture

2015: Miriam Escofet Assoc RP, Shubha

2016: Richard Foster RP, Trinity House

2017: Andrew Festing RP, Portrait of Count Alexis Limburg-Stirum at Walzin

2018: Paul Brason PPRP, Sarah Taylor, High Sheriff of Oxford 

2019: Phoebe Dickinson, Rose at Houghton


The Changing Faces Prize

2013: Andrew James RP, My Father

2014: Saied Dai RP NEAC, Jonathan Miller

2015: Hero Johnson, Paulina

2016: Jan Mikulka, In the Park

2017: Daphne Todd OBE PPRP, Professor Susan Smith, Mistress of Girton


Contemporary Arts Trust Award (formerly The Arts Club Charitable Trust Award)

2013: Tim Benson ROI, Alison

2014: Jack Joiner, Portrait

2015: Emma Hopkins, Geri Morgan; Claire Anscomb, Veil

2017: Vania Comoretti, Dual

2018: Shawn McGovern, Jess and Hayden

2019: Yun Meng, Preoccupied with Something


The de Laszlo Foundation Award

2013: Kelvin Okafor, Melvin

2014: Flora Watson, Studio 26

2015: Lorna May Wadsworth, They Have Lunch Every Tuesday / Conversation Piece: Messrs Corbin & King

2016: Stephanie Kullberg, Portrait of Lisa

2017: Jamie Routley, Alex Liederman at 17

2018: Emma Hopkins RP, Doreen Wallace

2019: Joshua Waterhouse, The Engineer


The Love & Legacy Prize (Sponsored by Seven Investment Management)

2014: Neil B Helyard, Ali


The Ondaatje Prize for Portraiture

2013: Mark Roscoe, Changing Faces Commission: Olivia Roberts

2014: Jennifer McRae, Conversations with Duncan

2015: Brian Morris, Upp at Bäcken (Up the Creek)

2016: Lantian D, A Portrait of Roger Scruton

2017: Shawn McGovern, James

2018: James Hague, Mette

2019: Peter Kuhfeld RP NEAC, The Executive Chef


The Prince of Wales’s Award for Portrait Drawing

2013: Toby Wiggins RP, Mary Spencer-Watson, Sculptor

2014: Antony Williams RP NEAC PS, Study for Andrew

2015: Jason Bowyer RP NEAC PS, Sammy G

2016: Graeme Wilcox, RF Head Study 2

2017: Bernadett Timko, Lucas

2018: Anna Pinkster, Em and Bruno

2019: Robbie Wraith RP, Esther


The RP Award

2018: Saied Dai RP NEAC, Sisters

2019: James Hague RP, Tom


“Self” Prize (£20,000 Self-Portrait Prize)

2013: Jan Mikulka, Self-Portrait


The Seven Investment Management “Conversations” Prize

2015: John Wonnacott RP, Ian and Lois, The White Slip


The Smallwood Architects Prize for Contextual Portraiture

2015: Tom Hughes, Living Room with Lamps

2016: Lyn Gray, Stephen with Bill

2017: David Cobley RP NEAC, Made to Measure

2018: Michael Taylor RP, Alana - Figure with Box

2019: David Caldwell RP, Joe with Tattoos