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Alan Runagall

Society Membership:

Royal Society of Marine Artists
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Other Society Memberships:

The Wapping Group of Artists
The East Anglian Group of Marine Artists

Biographical details:

1941, Born in Essex.
1957, on leaving school, was employed by the Port of London Authority in the West India Dock ledger office which is now the Docklands Museum. Later worked in Millwall Dock and in 1971, on the closure of the Upper Docks was transferred to Tilbury Dock.
1979 The East Anglian Group of Marine Artists was formed. Became a founder member.
1987 Was elected a member of the Wapping Group of Artists.
1999 elected an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.
2000 Elected  to Full Membership of the RSMA.

Artist's statement:

I now work entirely in watercolour, having been told by the late Vic Ellis RSMA,when I was quite a young man, that it would take me 10 years to reach a decent standard in oils. I did not want to wait that long! Having worked in London’s dockland for many years the love of sketching and painting of the cargo vessels, tugs and lighters came second nature to me. I still retain this love of the sea and all things marine.


Royal Society of Marine Artists since 1978 at The Guildhall Art Gallery and the Mall Galleries.
The Wapping Group of Artists at the Mall Galleries and provincial galleries.
The East Anglian Group of Marine Artists at the Mall Galleries and provincial galleries.

Method of working:

I mostly work on Saunders Waterford paper as I know how it performs, but enjoy trying different makes and surfaces of paper from time to time. I enjoy painting out of doors and usually paint no larger than quarter imperial outdoors. I do not normally spend much time sketching in, unless the subject necessitates it, as I like to get on with the work and draw with the brush as I go. But it is very important to get the lines of boats correct and to make sure that the rigging on vessels is right even if it is only suggested. I paint quite fast to try and capture  light and atmosphere. I usually work from the sky down to the water in one broad wash, and then build up the painting on that from the distance to the focal point or foreground. I use a very limited pallet, no more than 6 or 8 colours, as I find it easier to harmonize the painting the fewer colours used. When painting out I try and paint what I see before me, but always looking for a good composition and a strong focal point.

Scholarships, Awards, Prizes:

2002 St Cuthberts Mill Award, RSMA annual exhibition.
2003 Best Watercolour Award, Essex Open exhibition, Southend.

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