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Andrew Stock

Society Membership:

Society of Wildlife Artists
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Other Society Memberships:

Fellow, Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE)

Biographical details:

Self taught painter and printmaker .
Born in 1960, Rinteln, (West) Germany.
1983 - elected member SWLA .
1995 - 2004 Hon Sec SWLA .
1998 - 2004 Governor, FBA 2001 - Associate RE.
2004 - 2009 President SWLA.
2005 - Fellow RE .

Artist's statement:

Whether I'm in the Scottish Highlands or the Himalayan foothills, the Antarctic Peninsula or the gentle valleys of Dorset, I seek out the natural worlds delights and secrets, liaisons between man and nature, contrasting tones and tapestries of patterns. Often unannounced, forms, shapes and moods develop within my work and I find myself revealing echoes, organic connections and memorials that lay hidden from the initial scene.


2008 - Spring Tide - The Mall Galleries
2006 - solo show - Square One Gallery, Kings Road, SW6
2004 - Kaladhungi to St Kilda - The Mall Galleries
1981 - 2008 Society of Wildlife Artists Annual Exhibition
1981, 1983, 1985, 1987 solo shows at Malcolm Innes Gallery, South Kensington
Also shown at Medici Galleries,Tryon gallery,The Gallery in Cork St., RA Summer exhibition, Bankside Gallery, etc. Also exhibitions locally in Dorset

Method of working:

My finished paintings start from sketches made in the field, keen observation being essential. Sometimes these sketches may be strong enough to exhibit in their own right - more often the sketches are reference for studio work. In the studio I paint in oils, watercolour and various combinations of mixed media. I also etch in a traditional manner using copper as my matrix and Ferrous Chloride as acid, printing my editions in the studio on a Bewick & Wilson press.

My oils are usually painted on MDF prepared with primer and gesso and I may have a couple of works on the go at any one time. Watercolours are painted on stretched paper, usually Saunders Waterford and my etchings are printed on Arches.

I accept commissioned work and usually hope to visit and sketch the subject - most often a scene or animal - before starting a studio work. Individual pieces have in the past taken up to a month.

Scholarships, Awards, Prizes:

1980 Richard Richardson Award
1995 Bird Illustrator of the Year


Illustrations for various wildlife magazines.
Illustrated Driven game Shooting published by Unwin Hyman 1989 .

Image from Andrew Stock

Moine Mhor - Argyll

Acrylic on board

33” x 47”

Image from Andrew Stock

Blue India (Indian study)

Mixed media

18” x 15”

Image from Andrew Stock

Halcyon day

Oil on paper

24” x 37”

Image from Andrew Stock

Turnstones off Ose point - Pabbay

Oil on board

35” x 46”

Image from Andrew Stock

Little owl


10” x 14”

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