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Gift Vouchers

Image from Mall Galleries


From painting to sculpture and portraits to prints, a Mall Galleries' Gift Voucher is your ticket to exploring the art world.

Mall Galleries' Commissions gift vouchers are available in any amount and give the recipient the exciting and original experience of creating a bespoke work of art.

With a commissions service that has been sourcing art for over 20 years, the Mall Galleries provides the support and expertise to explore all options, ensuring an individually special artwork is found or created. Home to the Federation of British Artists, the Mall Galleries has over 500 artist members, as well as access to artists from their many open exhibitions, so there is plenty to choose from.

Working with everyone from portrait painters to garden sculptors, and with our commissions consultants on hand for help and guidance throughout, we offer both an unforgettable and creative experience.

Vouchers come in a special gift pack, along with artist examples and ideas for beginning a commission. We tailor vouchers and gift packs to suit any occasion, designing them for everything from wedding presents to portraits, birthdays and anniversaries.

Vouchers are available in any amount and can also be redeemed against Mall Galleries' artist sales, which we are more than happy to source.

For more information contact Emma Wright on 020 7930 6844 / emmawright@mallgalleries.com

Vouchers can also be bought online at the Mall Galleries Shop

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