At the end of October the annual exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists, The Natural Eye, will be returning to Mall Galleries. We spoke to Bruce Pearson SWLA about his upcoming trip to the Falkland Islands this November.

Society of Wildlife Artists member Bruce Pearson has, for the third year running, been invited by One Ocean Expeditions to visit the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula to be their Artist in Residence.

Taking place in November later this year, this unique opportunity will allow Bruce to sketch and paint the Antarctic wildlife in their natural habitat, as well as the dynamic icy landscape. He will also be offering fellow passengers the chance to join him and spend a few peaceful hours working on their own sketches of the surroundings.

Onboard artists admiring their surroundings

The area is incredibly biodiverse, with wildlife such as penguins, whales, albatrosses and seals, many of which are critically endangered species. One Ocean Expeditions are a company committed to the conservation and sustainability of such wildlife in the places they visit by taking measures to reduce waste and emissions.

Page from Bruce’s sketchbook from his earlier trip

Bruce himself is familiar with drawing endangered species en plein air. Last year he travelled to Bermuda following up his Troubled Waters bird conservation project to look at the rare Bermuda Petrel.

Bruce hopes to develop his own work while in the Antarctic

Despite holding the record for being the coldest place on earth, Antarctica and its subzero weather conditions are not a worry to Bruce, as they should not pose any artistic challenges to the onboard artists. Bruce says paints tend not to freeze on the palette, as one might expect, due to the salt in the marine air and warmer summer temperatures.

Interviewed by Jess Baxter

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