The Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition is a wonderful survey of contemporary marine painting, which includes depictions of historical scenes, often from British Naval history. In this blog post, Mark Myers PPRSMA takes us through the history of the HMS Triumph, which features in one of his paintings included in the exhibition.

The HMS Triumph was a 74-gun ship-of-the-line, built in Woolwich Dockyard and launched in 1764. She served in many of the Royal Navy's chief conflict zones during her 48 years of active service, appearing in the Channel Fleet, the Mediterranean, the West Indies and the North Atlantic, before becoming a quarantine station for maritime travellers in 1812 to prevent the spread of plague, cholera and other infectious diseases.

During the American War of Independence, HMS Triumph served under the controversial figure of George Brydges Rodney. While Rodney achieved victory for the Royal Navy in numerous campaigns, he also emprisoned, deported and robbed Jewish families on the Dutch island of St Eustatius. 

The Triumph also fought in Admiral Adam Duncan’s fleet at the Battle of Camperdown in October 1797, which is considered to be the most significant action between British and Dutch forces during the French Revolutionary Wars. At the time, the Dutch populace and armed forces had joined with the French Revolution to become the Batavian Republic. In Britain too, there was widespread support for the French Revolution, and it was up to the Monarchy and in part the Royal Navy to keep revolution from British shores. The Battle of Camperdown was a decisive victory for the British.

In Mark Myers' painting, HM Ship Triumph and Squadron off the Pointe du Raz, the sun is rising over the Breton coast as the Triumph threads her way through the intricate passage of the Raz du Seine, an area the British Navy blockaded regularly during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

This painting will be on display at the Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition (11 to 20 October). It is also available to purchase before the exhibition. For more information about purchasing or commissioning a work, contact or telephone 020 7930 6844.

See the painting in the Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition from 11 to 20 October.

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