You can see Bob Last's abstract piece Squaring the Circle on the cover of The Pastel Society's exhibition catalogue, as well as on the walls of the gallery during the exhibition from 5 to 16 February.

Bob give us an insight into his working methods:

“I started using pastels after I retired and went back to life drawing – something I had not done since my student days. Over the years I have explored many subjects - landscapes, still life, abstracts and portraits – all of which I still enjoy doing.

However, recently I have changed my approach and like to stand in front of a blank canvas or board with no plan or formulated idea as to what I am going to do.

I work on board or MDF, which I prime with gesso, and add pumice powder to give a textured surface. I then just start making marks with charcoal. I like to think of this initial stage as charcoal scaffolding onto which I build shape and form with colour. I need to make marks to have something to respond to. Spaces left empty are as important to the design as what is drawn. I like to keep changing what I do and how I do it. This probably comes from working as a freelance designer for over 40 years. I constantly had to think up new ideas, be inventive and solve problems.

I feel working directly without any subject in mind allows the subconscious to take over and what results can be really interesting and often surprising.”

Bob is exhibiting four works in the exhibition. Another abstract piece Colour in Space, a semi abstract Flints from the Garden and a portrait of Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones

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