How long have you been working at Mall Galleries?

My experience of working at Mall Galleries began in 2016 when I interned with Anna Bromwich (the gallery's Art Consultant) during my final year of university. I studied English Literature at University College London, and had become very interested in art as a visual correlative for some of the concepts I was exploring in literature. I graduated in 2017 with a desire to develop my understanding of visual art, and Mall Galleries is proving a most welcoming environment in which to do so. 

What is your role at Mall Galleries? 

After a happy stint working on the front desk, I am now the gallery's Digital Coordinator. I oversee the rotating body of works on our online sales platform, Buy Art | Buy Now, liaising with artists and buyers, and writing editorial and promotional content for the works we feature. Starting on the front desk before taking up a more ‘behind-the-scenes’ position has been really useful in giving me an insight of the different aspects and experiences Mall Galleries offers. 

What do you enjoy most about working at Mall Galleries?

As a new member of the team I meet countless people - from life-long visitors of the gallery to society members and even art couriers - all of whom extol the warm friendliness of Mall Galleries’ staff, and the rich diversity of the art they promote, and this is certainly what I experience day-to-day in working here. 

I love how integrated the gallery is with the contemporary art community, and its many facets mean there will always be something exciting and different on the horizon. Unlike most galleries, we have new exhibitions on an almost weekly basis, and through Buy Art | Buy Now, artists also have the opportunity to promote their work virtually worldwide. I enjoy helping to create that point of engagement between artists and the people who take pleasure in and support their work. 

Are you artistic yourself? 

Purely for our own pleasure, my housemate and I sculpt, make films, and write music together, but I don’t anticipate that our creations will grace a gallery anytime soon. My most recent work was a sculpture of my grandmother’s miniature schnauzer, which I gave to her for Christmas. She was very pleased with it, but I don’t think my sculpture would have made it through any of the pre-selections for exhibitions here! My recreational attempts fill me with a greater respect for the artistic prowess of those artists which Mall Galleries does represent.

If you could spend the day with one of the artists on Buy Art | Buy Now, who would it be and why? 

I’m torn. I would love to spend the day with Bernadett Timko; I know that she does her own tattoos, and it would be brilliant to be a walking Timko work. Equally I’d love to spend the day with Sarah Spencer who I interviewed in December. Sarah was lovely and expressed such an affection for her native landscapes. I think it would be great to go walking with her.