How long have you been working at Mall Galleries, and what does your role entail?

I have been at the gallery for three months. I am the Weekend and Evening Gallery Manager, which means I work during evening events and weekends. My role is to deal with any issues that exhibitors or guests have during the show, help run the front desk, and close up after events.


Henry Bryne, James Norton

What do you enjoy most about working at Mall Galleries?

Firstly the people are lovely and believe in the society shows and artists. This makes going to work a pleasure. I really enjoy seeing the art. the variety is so impressive. 

There can be 600 paintings shown in two weeks which is staggering. I really enjoy coming to work a bit earlier so I can wander around and see what I find interesting in the shows.

You are a practicing artist yourself, tell us a bit about your work and influences.

I work from a studio in east London. I am generally paint portraits though do have still life shows as well. I think my ability is to capture the personality of my subjects. I'm influenced by George Shaw, van Dyke, and Rudolf Stingel. I admire and strive for work that evokes a memory/mood. 


Where can we see your work?

I have two websites to keep the portraits and still life's separate. My portrait website is and non-portrait is 

There is a newsletter section on both sites and informing of forthcoming shows. I have two works in Discerning Eye at Mall Galleries this November

Do you have a favourite Artist (FBA member and/or other artist)?

Yes, Brendan Kelly RP. He gave a lecture when I was at school and really inspired me to get into art. I asked to meet for a chat about portraits and he met me for a pint, which was very nice of him.