Abby Trow, editor of online eco interiors magazine, tells us why five works from Buy Art | Buy Now stood out for her.

My drawing skills became petrified when I was five so I'm always deeply impressed by anyone who can draw anything that looks even faintly recognisable – a lemon that looks like a lemon and always a horse that looks like a horse. In short I'm in awe of all the artists whose work is available on Buy Art | Buy Now. I tend to like impressionistic or abstract-ish landscape paintings that will transport me to a place I may know or generally like to be, such as by the Cornish sea, while I like paintings full of colour. I also like works whose subject matter makes me curious and feels like it could be the start or end to a story.

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Natalia Kuptsova

Afternoon at Waterlow Park, £950

This is an soft, impressionistic and very warm painting in lovely spring greens of a park close to where I live and where I used to walk my children when they were little. I love the colours of the painting, the way the artist has captured the abundant foliage and the paleness of the Catholic church in the if it's almost a whisper. It's a painting of a little gem of a park, a snapshot of greenery.

Stephen Message

Woodcock, £1,000

I know this is an accomplished nature painting, capturing the countryside at dusk with a Woodcock rising from the trees. I love the dark velvety colours and the burst of moon and the reflection of moonlight on the puddle; but I respond to it because I know that if I were on that path myself as it was getting dark, I'd be feeling a little anxious and my imagination would start working overtime. I've been lost on walks on a few occasions as it was getting dark and it's an experience that heightens the senses and I feel that's what this painting does.

Janet Darley

Approaching Setthorns On The Twenty First of October

I love the softness of watercolour and the way colours blur into each other so works have that slight abstraction. But this painting seems quite unusual for a watercolour because it's vibrant and the colours are strong. I like the subject matter, I want to know where the road or path is and where it leads to; and it does immediately take you to a hot early autumn day when the leaves are just starting to change from green to reds and browns. I feel it's place I'd like to walk in.

Gary Ramskill

Winter Sunset on Lake Windermere, £165

I love the colours of this work, its slight graphic quality and its simplicity. I don't know Lake Windermere, but this print makes me want to go there and go there in winter. I like the way the artist captures the rippling water and the snowy mountains that rise up around the lake. It's a work that feels very unhurried.

Tony Feld

Beach Huts, Whitstable, £950

I like this painting because at first glance you do a double take and wonder if it's a photograph. Of course it's not but it's the way the artist paints the sky that gives it a certain photorealistic quality. I know of Whitstable and its beach huts and I like the fact that this painting doesn't portray them as entirely benign. The door to one is open, showing its little frilly curtain with the sun blazing on it, but you don't know who or what is inside it, or in the one next door. I like the colours..the left hand side of the painting suggests a sunny day but get to the right side of the painting and it's dark and somewhat mysterious.

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