Anna Bromwich, Mall Galleries Art Consultant, tells us why seven works from Buy Art | Buy Now stood out of her.

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Annie Boisseau

Landscape, Evening Light, £925

I love this little landscape with its golden tones and ethereal use of light. Boisseau knows her history of Romantic landscape painting and it shines through here in a manner that is unfussy and essential.

Bernadett Timko

Two Banana Skins, £605

We’ve been following Berni Timko for a while with the quiet sense of excitement and bated breath that comes from watching someone so young with already such a defined voice. This still life of banana skins is typical of her eye for the overlooked, choppy use of paint and intuition for colour. But there is a playfulness here too, and the banana skins take on their own character as they dance into the night.

Peter Brown NEAC RP ROI PS Hon. RBA

Sun on Glasto Mud 2016, £2,800

Pete the Street does Glastonbury. Sometimes the fun of plein air painting is imagining the artist behind the canvas, and as Glastonbury Festival’s pathways melt into mud you can’t help wondering if Pete’s knee-deep in the stuff already, sporting day-glo wellies and a tie-dye t-shirt. This painting is a great example of contemporary plein air subjects from a seasoned flâneur veering off the beaten track.

Frances Bell

Cows After a Storm, £1,675

I first knew Frances as a portrait painter and it’s been a fascinating discovery to see the Northumberland farmland where she lives pop up in exhibitions at Mall Galleries and on Buy Art | Buy Now. I find a kind of familiarity in this serene painting, whether it’s the sense of being stared at by a cow or the orange moon fighting through the mist that, for me, conjures up Monet’s Le Havre*.

Keith Holmes

Tool series

The graphic way Keith renders the garden tools in this series, abstracts their forms and divorces them from their functions. Suddenly you realise what fascinating objects these are that sit hidden away in your tool box in the garden shed.

Work illustrated: No.1

Alexander Goudie RP

Chapel Interior, Brittany, £16,630

Alexander Goudie was a prominent Scottish figurative painter with a vivacious flair for colour, myth and folklore to match his character. He passed away in 2004 leaving behind a substantial body of work, much of which was exhibited in a retrospective at Mall Galleries in 2016. A respected portrait painter, he'd painted public figures ranging from Billy Connolly to the Queen, but it is work like this, which exhibits an interest in ritual and tradition, in this case through the prism of the Bretagne cultural landscape he knew intimately, that I find most tender.

Jack Haslam

Mme Dufy

When artists pay homage to those that have inspired them, it’s a chance to see through two pairs of eyes. While Jack’s interpretation of Raoul Dufy’s portrait of his wife** shares the same warmth as the original, the young artist has stripped Dufy signature colour away to focus on line and pattern. Jack brings his own sense of pattern to Dufy’s inky arabesques and I love the unusual objects worked into Mme Dufy’s floral shirt!


* Claude Monet Impression, Sunrise Oil on Canvas, 1842

**Roaul Dufy  Portrait de Mme Dufy Oil on Canvas, 1930

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