Anna McNay, art writer and editor, tells us of seven works from Buy Art | Buy Now which stood out for her.

Anna McNay is an art writer and editor. She is Assistant Editor at Art Quarterly (Art Fund’s magazine), former Deputy Editor at State Media and former Arts Editor at DIVA magazine. She contributes regularly to Studio International, Photomonitor and Elephant magazine and has been widely published in a variety of other print and online art and photography journals and national newspapers. She has written numerous catalogue essays, including for the Royal Academy of Arts. She regularly hosts panels and in conversation events at galleries and art schools and has judged numerous art prizes, both nationally and internationally. 

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Nicholas McLeod

Untitled_1, £385

When I first saw this piece, I thought it must be photography of some kind or other, so was surprised and enthralled to discover it is a pencil and charcoal drawing. The suggestion of light is so dramatic and astounding and it looks as if it were light itself dancing across the page and making the marks.

Gary Ramskill

Winter Sunset on Lake Windermere, £165

The ripples on the lake and the pastel pinks and blues create a sense of cool, evening calm. The influence of Japanese woodblock printing echoes in this very Lake District-y scene.

Andrew Farmer

Manchester Nocturne, £435

The daubs of colour in this impressionistic painting evoke the lights of a bustling city in a gentle and romantic way, precisely as the nocturne of the title demands. There is something absorbing, calming and appealing about this work.

Zena Assi

I don't want to straighten my hair, £1,100

This mixed media work leapt out at me immediately from the website. There is something in the sitter’s eyes and posture that demands attention – her beauty and defiance and silent inner strength.

Karen Read Coley

Harvest Moon, £390

I love the use of brushstrokes and fluid paint to capture the stillness and yet simultaneous transience of the flickering shadows cast by the silhouetted treetops in the light of the harvest moon. I can feel the chill air on my cheeks and a tingle down my spine when I look at this work.

David Allen RSMA

Frosty Morning, Fenns Moss, £1,350

This pastel work gives me hope. The warmth of the light, bursting through the barren trees and thawing the frozen moss to a soft, damp carpet, brings with it the promise of a new day, full of possibility.

Michael Weller

Three Boats, £600

I love the simplicity of this work and how so few marks can evoke such a strong image. Even one colour can transform into both air and water when appropriately juxtaposed with daubs of a white cloud and a grey rock. This work is evidence that less can most definitely be more.

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