Annabel Elton, Head of Commissions at Mall Galleries and consultant for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, moonlights on Buy Art | Buy Now this month with a 'non-portrait' selection of works.

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Sarah Jane Moon

The Summer House

This is an exuberant painting of natural abundance on a hot summer's day. When looking for an artist as an investment, I look for an artist with a recognisable  'voice'. Every brushstroke in Sarah Jane Moon's work expresses her signature. 

Janine Baldwin


This gorgeous scratchy painting is a delight for its abstract qualities alone. Janine's mark making is  fascinating.  The subject makes me ponder the struggle between man's order and nature's disorder.

Lachlan Goudie

I stop somewhere waiting for you 

This painting could be a starting point for a story. It seems to say something about the smallness and insignificance of the tiny figure seen from above amongst the vibrant life of trees, whilst at the same time suggesting the intensity of the figure's inner life.

Frances Bell

Cows in the Snow

This painting makes me smile every time I look at it. I would love to take it home to make me smile some more.  The delight of warm light on a cold day, the innocence of cows and the sumptuous texture of the paint conspire to take me to a different place.

View from a Window With Irises 

Ann Wilkinson PS

I can never understand why pastel is so undervalued. People say that is does not last like oil paint, but, I would contend, that cave paintings were in pastel and the drawings of Lautrec and and Degas are as fresh and vibrant as the day they were created. This serene still life brings a sense of peace. It is beautifully resolved and balanced in hue, tone and in composition. Its colours are fresh and delightfully decorative. It would be lovely to live with.