Beatrice Bowles-Bray is the latest addition to the Mall Galleries team, who will be working on all things digital. Here Beatrice walks us through five paintings from Buy Art | Buy Now that she would have on her wall.

Bernadett Timko

Paula - £600

Bernadett Timko is undoubtedly an artist to watch, so it’s a good idea to invest in her work now. Timko’s striking use of colour, darkness, and luminescent inflections are redolent of Egon Schiele and create an incredible sense of mood, narrative and character in her portraits. Paula is a fine example of the artist’s work, where reds, greens and oranges are confidently juxtaposed, and the eye is drawn to the light dancing on a solitary hooped earring.

David Bennett SWLA

Stoat and Rabbit in Bluebells - £690

Looking at this work, I can’t help but share in the stoat’s sense of pride as it strides homeward victorious through vibrant bluebell meadows, rabbit inmouth. Head held high, gait confident and loping: the centre of a glorious whorl of colour. This painting is one of a series of new wildlife works by David Bennett which explore the stunning phosphorescence of colours in nature.

Haidee-Jo Summers ROI ARSMA

Autumn Colour - £585

By painting en plein air, Haidee-Jo Summers captures something essential about the character of Autumn. Although this beautiful new work was painted in Lincolnshire, to my eye it evokes the graceful, lilting descent of yellowing leaves as they spiral to the ground here on the Mall. The artist’s light touch and empathic treatment render this rural scene with all the colour and glancing light of the season.

Tony Allain PS

Sparks Lake, Oregon - £2,900

Tony Allain’s depiction of Sparks Lake uses expressive pastel strokes to show light playing upon treetops and the surface of the water, and the rapid movement of the artist’s eye as it flits from impression to impression. The result is vivid and vital, with rich hues and great depth created by contrasting brightness and darkness. This larger work is the ideal statement piece for a communal space.

Moira Huntly PPPS RI RSMA

With Homage to the TM 620 Marine Diesel Engine - £1,500

Where arts and sciences intersect, the results can be compelling, and this engaging mixed media piece by Moira Huntly is a prime example. Honouring her Scottish roots by employing colour in the tradition of the Scottish Colourists, this work based on technical drawings attains a degree of abstraction through its palette of teals and ochres. Blending pleasing simplicity with technical accuracy, this is a piece which offers the onlooker more with each viewing.

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