Known on Instagram as @CamberwellCollector, John is the current chairman of the St Ives Society of Artists (STISA). Formed in 1927, STISA is housed in the Mariners Gallery, a deconsecrated church and their home since 1945.

John has an extensive art collection, containing artists who were students and teachers at Camberwell School of Art between 1945-85.  This interest started during his 17 years living in South East London, where he taught in various schools. He also collects figurative en plein air Cornish artists.

Follow John on his well-curated Instagram account where he regularly posts work of Camberwell Artists and the day-to-day goings on at the St Ives Society of Artists.

"The portrait of me was painted by Michael J Strang a Camberwell student in the early 1970s. It was a real treat to be painted by a former student of the art school I principally collect."

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Peter Clossick NEAC

Walled Garden Malta £3000

I love the composition of this picture with the light on the walls of the houses and the shadow in the tree and foliage of the garden. I like strong angles in pictures and with the diagonals and verticals in this image was immediately attracted to it.   

Peter attended Camberwell School of Art in the early 1970s. If ever a picture was Camberwellian this is it. It echoes the work of many of his tutors and peers that I have in my Camberwell collection.  If you get the chance to see an exhibition of Peter’s work then see it, you’ll love what he does with paint. 

James Bland NEAC

Steamroller in the Snow, £2,050

I am very interested in pictures about pictures. This work was painted from drawings inspired by Constable’s ‘A Hay Wain Crossing a River.’ A seemingly incongruous scene provides this very strong composition. The fascinating feature of the line of steam forming such a strong diagonal has me returning to this image again and again.

Daniel Preece

Gasometer from Battersea Park, £1,000

An iconic landmark in South West London from the Slade trained artist. I love the slabs of colour that form this picture. The greens and blues with good strong shapes make this a favourite picture of mine on the Mall Galleries website.

Andrew Farmer

Sky Study Over Farm Houses, £570

This is a fantastic picture, with its super sky and buildings, tonal shadow and light on the fields and fence. There is a great feeling of movement here with a typical en plein air feel to it. A moment caught in time with the movement between brooding rain filled clouds giving way to brighter skies. I really enjoy looking at Andrew Farmer’s pictures, with their economic, small marks.

Benjamin Hope

Greenwich Church Street, £1,050

This was part of my route home to Deptford from the Isle of Dogs. Being a fan of Iain Sinclair’s books any picture with a Hawksmoor church in it is a winner for me. The tower of Hawksmoor’s Baroque masterpiece St Alphege’s church rises above the rooftops of Greenwich. This picture has such dazzling light in it. The quintessential en plein air London picture.

Peter Brown NEAC RP PS ROI Hon RBA

Sun on Glasto Mud 2016, £2800

No choice of work from Mall Galleries would be complete without a Peter Brown (Pete the Street) painting. I love this picture as the muddy puddle gives great definition to the image. The consummate en plein air painter, with such great observational skills. I love the dayglo jacketed steward right in the middle of the image.

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