Haidee-Jo Summers, a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, tells us of six works from Buy Art | Buy Now which stood out for her.



Awarded Artist of the Year 2012 by the Society of All Artists and one of the few artists chosen by the BBC to paint the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant from the Millennium bridge, Haidee-Jo is a full-time professional artist known for painting landscapes and seascapes en plein air.

Her work can be seen regularly at the Mall Galleries where she exhibits with the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the New English Art Club and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, of which she is a full member.

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Alexander Goudie

Wildflowers in Vase, £4,850

This exuberant and bold still life has a timeless appeal. The fresh green and grey colour palette and direct marks combine to create a painting at once tranquil and yet filled with vitality.

Tony Williams

Steam Derrick Sun, £2,095

A painting of great drama and design with those strong vertical and horizontal lines softened by the smoky steam and the gentle reflections in the water. The brooding combination of the dark metal bulk of the steamer with the glimmer of sun remaining in the sky and glinting on the funnel make for a compelling and atmospheric scene that serves to remind us of the hope of a brand new day.

Robbie Wraith RP

Small Celebration, £2,950

I love to see paintings of artists studios, they are surely as much a self portrait as a still life or interior scene. This characterful and intimate still life is no exception, the luscious thick paint strokes and subdued colour palette served alongside a hearty dollop of humour.

Peter Brown NEAC RP PS ROI Hon. RBA

Fiinygook Beach from the Gook Cafe, £1,935

It would be hard to resist this little gem of a painting by Pete the street; that dark slab of energetically painted cliff side set off against the sparkling light on the water, with another enticing glimmer of light on the horizon. I adore the figures on the path in the foreground with the kite, heading down to the beach and inviting us to join them.


Frances Bell

Chicken at Sunset, £970

I love this soft atmospheric little painting which depicts that golden hour in the evening with the hens having their last scratch around the garden.

Robert E. Wells NEAC

Frozen Field

I love the textures and the grey colour palette of this atmospheric and poetic landscape painting.

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