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Louise Balaam NEAC


I was looking for some fresh, contemporary work which was technically excellent and which also stood out from the crowd in terms of originality and visual appeal. As a gestural painter myself I'm also particularly drawn to a luscious use of paint!

Elisha Enfield, 1603-4

Oil, 20 x 30 cm, £1,075

I love the drama of this little painting - the beauty of the paint belies the destructive nature of the subject, which sets up a fascinating tension.

Sally Wyatt, Blackthorn

Oil, 56 x 56 (74 x 74 framed), £1,650


This painting uses gestural brush strokes to communicate the artist's emotional response to this everyday part of the natural world. Her background encompasses both earth sciences and textiles, and I feel there's something of both these disciplines in the way she approaches the subject.

Jack Haslam, Fox

Screenprint, 29.7 cms x 42 cms (Unframed), £370

I like the spare, graphic treatment of the subject and the unusual viewpoint. Jack has a singular way of looking at the world which expresses itself in an intense engagement with animals of different kinds.

Gareth Kemp, King Harvest Has Surely Come

Acrylic, 140cm x 140cm, £2,120

Gareth's work makes use of elements from other artists or from popular culture, carefully arranged and rearranged into a poised composition, with a shifting perspective suggested by partly-erased shapes in the background.

Jack Sutherland Sparse Move

Acrylic, 25 x 20 cm, £520

Three fragmentary shapes, like torn pieces of paper, hover near the edges of the frame. I love the precarious balance they achieve and the subtlety of interaction between the scratched and sprayed colours.