Peter Clossick NEAC, painter, member of the New English Art Club and shortlisted artist for the Threadneedle Prize 2016, shares his pick of Buy Art | Buy Now with us.


Above the Trees by Claire Edge

There is overall directness with Claire’s callographs in their painterly qualities and modest size, incorporating both chance and accident. Created from memory they contain movement and an indication of monumental drama.

Portrait of Paul the Swimmer by Jessica Miller

We have an expressive honesty in Jessica Miller’s sculpture which affirms and implies the existence of a body. A modest realism and sensibility rooted in drawing; with fluidity, energy and feeling of mark. Her figure sculpture brings to mind some portrait works by Jacob Epstein where the human subject is central.

The Loom at Knockando Woolmill by Kate Steenhauer

Kate Steenhauer’s etching works with unusual viewpoints, in this case brought together with a spiral, zooming out onto the picture plane, depicting a workplace from the industrial past in the Spey valley. The drawing appears as if in collaboration with the workers at the loom, the clickety-clack of machinery and the busy noisy activity of a factory.

Before the rain by Nashunmenghe

Watercolour can be a difficult medium, as the concept has to go in a straight route like direct carving. Before the rain is modelled with a beautifully controlled tonal quality and pleasing composition. It has an almost Zen like application in its feeling of wetness.

Swimmer by Sopio Chkhikvadze

The connection with an existential feel of isolation is very active in Sopio’s painting. The figure stands in an interesting visual context on the edge of a swimming pool casting a reflection in the water, set against a dark mysterious surround; the metaphysic association of the pale subject overwhelmed by darkness. Coming from Georgia, Sopio has exhibited in the BP Portrait Award and received the Michael Harding Award in the RSBA exhibition.