Royal commentator and film critic, Richard Fitzwilliams, has long been a passionate promoter of figurative art. Fitzwilliams contributes to CNN, BBC, Sky News, and Al Jazeera, and has given over 700 television interviews as well as numerous lectures. Now, this acclaimed critic takes us through his top picks from Buy Art | Buy Now. 

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Rachel Arif

Ghost Dance

Here the landscape seems convulsed by powerful, unseen forces, and the trees resemble spectres which give the scene an eerie ambience: weird and wonderful.

Rachel Arif, Ghost Dance

Ben Eden


This flower piece has a depth and texture reminiscent of those by Henri Fantin-Latour. The almost luminous beauty of its subject set against a dark background is particularly appealing.

Ben Eden, Carnations

Sarah Jane Moon

Nude with Orchid 

There is a carefree abandon about this sitter’s pose. The colours are dazzling and it has a sybaritic quality, which casts a spell like Circe and draws you in.

Sarah Jane Moon, Nude with Orchid

Susan Ryder

Grand Salon with Red Roses 

Sue arranges these interiors, and I feel I am a privileged observer of the ornate grandeur of this spacious room, which is enhanced by the floral arrangements; it is wonderfully atmospheric.

Susan Ryder, Grand Salon with Red Roses

Bernadett Timko


This really intrigues me, especially since half of the sitter’s face is bathed in shadow - a sensitive study of an introvert which I find fascinating.

Bernadett Timko, Wren

Robbie Wraith

Clementines, Silver Bowl 

The tones of this work are inspired by the old masters, and Robbie is a noted pupil of Pietro Annigoni. Aesthetically, it is extremely pleasing; the fruits tantalise us, their succulence seeming almost within reach.

Robbie Wraith, Clementines, Silver Bowl

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