Sally Hales, Editor of Artists & Illustrators, tells us about the five works she chose for her Curator's Choice on Buy Art | Buy Now



Two Pumpkins by Eve Pettitt

I love the use of colour here. The blue-orange complement is one of my favourites. The green tones and flashes of red add real dynamism, too, while the exploration of space, tension and the relationship between the two sitters is compulsive. I can’t stop looking at it.

Tulip Garden by Anne Marie Butlin

We’re big fans of Anne Marie here at A&I, her work is full of ideas while always retaining real beauty and elegance. A regular contributor to the magazine, she’s wonderful at communicating with words as well as paint. Tulip Garden’s rich and dynamic balance of colours and texture pulls you into the depth of the painting. There is so much energy: it makes you want to get out among the flowers.

Hillside Trees by Claire Edge

As someone who grew up near the Brecon Beacons, I’m aware that beautiful landscapes can have a dangerous underbelly. One minute you’re enjoy the rolling green hills, the next you’re being engulfed by looming grey. This monoprint conveys that sense of sudden danger with its depth of tone, urgent strokes and use of negative space.

Golden Oriole, Beatrice Forshall

There’s a clean and graphic feel to this delicate print that reminds me of traditional Japanese woodblocks. But Beatrice has found a contemporary edge with charming use of colour and narrative.

Bathroom Nude, Daniel Shadbolt NEAC

The nude is such a staple that I am always marvelling at how artists manage to constantly reinvent and reimagine the genre. The loose brushwork describes the figure with a minimal amount of marks, while colour and tone structure the scene. Daniel creates a relaxed, domestic atmosphere: it feels like we’re glimpsing a private moment. Arresting.

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