Tabish Khan, Arts Critic for Londonist, tells us why six works from Buy Art Buy Now stood out for him.

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All of the artists on Buy Art Buy Now are extremely talented. But I was looking for works that take traditional subjects and either look at them through a different lens or transform them in unexpected ways. Examples of this include showing a field in moonlight instead of sunlight, or taking something notiecable ugly like a crane and finding a simplistic beauty within them. This difference can often be subtle, but it helps a work of art stand out among its peers.


Karen Read Coley, Harvest Moon

Water based media, 19 x 18 cm (36 x 34.5 cm framed), £390.00

I love how the corn glows in the light of the moon, and contrasts with the inky blackness of the forest beyond. The low light levels mean that rural nocturnal paintings are rare and therefore this work stands out all the more for offering a different perspective.

Elisha Enfield, 1603-1604

Oil on board, 20 x 30 cm, £1,075.00

There is beauty in this fiery, almost apocalyptic, scene that is both graceful and deadly. It reminds me of the works of John Martin, a painter whose powerful paintings I greatly admire.

Lawrence Dyer, The East Dart

Oil on panel, 46 x 61cm (53 x 68 cm framed), £1,350.00

This is the most traditional painting of my choices. The water is painted with a viscosity that makes you feel that if you dipped your hand into the painting you could feel the weight of the water as it runs around your outstretched hand. The light and the level of detail are also superb.

Rebecca Hathaway, Crane

Charcoal on Paper, 59 x 42cm (65 x 48cm framed), £450.00

Cranes are often seen as a blight on the cityscape, blocking the view of better looking buildings. By not showing any buildings and presenting them in monochrome, they appear much more sympathetic and this forces the viewer to acknowledge their elegant simplicity as well as their necessity in a developing city.

Bernadette Timko, Elisa

Etching (Edition of 10, 10 available), 14 x 9 cm, £180.00

We love portraits as they convey so much emotion and provide an insight into the sitter's personality. By only capturing the back of the head, we're invited to speculate as to who this person is, what is their relationship to the artist and what expression is being concealed from us. It's a great mystery that makes this work so appealing.


David Wightman Emmaline II

I've followed David's paintings of landscapes on textured wallpaper for many years now. His prints capture this unique texture, with a surreal colour palette making these views look familiar yet alien at the same time. 


Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London's art scene, covering contemporary and historical exhibitions. He visits and writes about hundreds of exhibitions a year covering everything from the major blockbusters to the emerging art scene.