Mall Galleries recently forged a new partnership with Artsy, the world’s largest online database of contemporary art. Since publicly launching in 2012, Artsy has been transforming the global art market, making it more accessible by helping artists and galleries to connect with buyers and art lovers internationally.

Discover Mall Galleries on Artsy now

You can use Artsy to follow your favourite artists and galleries (and discover new favourites), to purchase works, find the latest exhibitions and art news, read compelling articles aimed at both artists and art-lovers, and to make new creative connections worldwide. FBA exhibitions at Mall Galleries will now be shared on Artsy, and we will also host exclusive online-only exhibitions through Artsy, such as the current Flora Selection. This is a great way to expand the galleries’ audience, and through this, to raise the profile of our artists on a global level.  

Anne-Marie Butlin, Garden Wall

In a recent interview the Founder and CEO of Artsy, Clive Cleveland, said: “today, the vast majority of art sales are within the same city, whereas the average distance between buyer and seller on Artsy is 2,400 miles; we’re creating a whole new market”. Artsy’s algorithm enables users to easily search for works and artists, based on specifications such as medium, subject matter, and affiliated art movement. This search engine allows masterworks to be seen alongside contemporary works by emerging artists, effectively democratising a hitherto exclusive market.

This is fantastic news for both new and experienced art collectors, who gain access to a transparent and easily-searchable worldwide platform with works for any budget, and with in-built guidance on how to buy. It is also changing the game for the artist, whose audience now has a one-stop shop for seeing the individual’s past and future exhibitions, their affiliated galleries, profile, related content such as news features, and most importantly their available works.

Charlotte Sorapure, Love Song

As the sale of Art moves increasingly into a digital forum, Mall Galleries is confident that Artsy will be an invaluable partner for collectors, artists, and galleries. So, check out Artsy; follow Mall Galleries; explore our Flora exhibition; find and follow your favourite Mall Galleries artists, and see who else you discover! 

Discover Mall Galleries on Artsy now