Dachan is a renowned Chinese contemporary artist who is also a poet, calligrapher and painter. The artist uses traditional Chinese watercolour and inkwork, and a variety of traditional scripts in his calligraphy to introduce ancient practices into the world of modern art.

The Art of a Spiritual Era Brightens All Living Things: The Art of Dachan World Tour Exhibition is a series of exhibitions showcasing the ink wash paintings and other works by this artist. It represents a global journey of spiritual culture, guided by the theory of unity through art. The tour began in 2016, and these works have so far been exhibited in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Russia, Italy, Germany and India. Dachan’s work will be complemented by a video allowing visitors to experience the world of Buddhism through virtual reality technology, creating a truly immersive experience.

Dachan’s works are rich in content and highly individualistic. Their poetic, calligraphic and pictorial aspects are intimately integrated. By using traditional practices in a contemporary manner, Dachan assimilates the spirit of Chinese modern art with a Zen sensibility, using ink wash methods rooted in Chinese culture to portray the changelessness of life. It is hoped that the language and vitality of his works lead viewers to have a more positive and joyous outlook on life.

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