Geoff Hunt PPRSMA on his commission HMS Warspite at the Battle of Calabria, 7 July 1940
At 127 x 162cm, this is one of the largest paintings I have been asked to do. The client was a Chilean gentleman with a particular interest in the Royal Navy, and I had the pleasure of meeting and travelling with him in Chile so that we could talk about Chilean naval history in return. Though a sizeable painting, as a ‘ship portrait’ this was a straightforward work, a portrayal of what is now a fairly obscure naval action in which the famous HMS Warspite scored a hit on her Italian opposite number at the record-breaking range of 24 kilometres. As always, I researched the original information to create this painting from the original ship’s logbook, in the National Archive. The painting itself is now on extended loan to the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth (HMS Britannia) where it is currently on display adjacent to the Senior Gun Room.

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