Last month we introduced you to our new Digital Assistant, Sasha Enticknap, who is working at Mall Galleries for one year on an apprenticeship programe.

In this post Sasha reveals what she's learnt in her first month, from social media skills and Photoshop, to publishing the forthcoming Society of Wildlife Artists exhibition online.

Now that September is over and October is starting, I have worked at Mall Galleries for a month. During this month I have learnt many new things about the role that social media plays in the business world as well as been challenged by the tasks that I have been set whilst working here.

From the lessons that I have taken at Step Forward, I have learnt how to use basic HTML, the theory of tribalism and how to use Photoshop to develop the basic skills that I will need for one of my modules which I will be studying over the next month whilst also providing me with basic skills that I would need whilst at work.

Whilst doing the many tasks I have had over the past month whilst working at Mall Galleries, I have had to apply my knowledge of basic HTML through uploading blog posts to the website and adding images to the body of the page.

On top of that, the tribalism theory that I have studied for the past month, has helped me with my research into different social media platforms and how we can target different ‘tribes’ of people and connect with them.

Lastly, during my lessons I have had time to use Photoshop and explore more complex ways of editing images. Although I have not applied the more complex ways of editing images, such as creating a ripple effect, in the workplace, I have still used skills that I have learnt before or from either my lessons or through Liam to edit images in Photoshop and make them ready for the website or for editing a video.

During my Personal Development sessions, I have worked with other associates on different pathways, as well as my own, and discussed scenarios that could possibly come up whilst at work as well as our own personal experiences that we have had, what has gone well, what hasn’t and our solutions.

However, I have done more than upload blog posts, research social media platforms and edit images on photoshop. Whilst at work I have learnt how to create an online exhibition for the website, the importance of the size of an image that you are uploading to the website, how to send bulk emails via MailChimp and how to create an interactive form from scratch to upload onto the website.

Some of these different tasks have been more challenging than others, whereas editing an image to make it’s size more appropriate to upload an image to the website was relatively easy to do, uploading an online catalogue for an upcoming exhibition challenged both my ability to focus and my time keeping ability.

But academia is not the only important thing that I have learnt whilst working at Mall Galleries, I have also had to learn how to adapt to a new environment. I have previously never worked in an office. I have had to see how others act and interact to understand the roles that each of my colleagues have as well as what is appropriate and what isn’t appropriate within the office.

One problem that I have faced whilst working here is where everything is and how to move between places. Within the first week I will admit I did get lost within the building whilst searching for the Main Gallery, however once I had used the route a couple of times it hasn’t been a problem since.

But, overall I have had a fantastic first month at Mall Galleries and have greatly enjoyed it. So far I have had no regrets on what I have done, and have worked to the best of my ability which I hope has been apparent through the work I’ve done so far as well as through my actions.

Over the next month I would like to successfully balance out both work and coursework, as I know that I will be starting a big module soon, as well as to continue to work to the best of my ability and face new challenges.

Bring on October!

Sasha Enticknap