In August we introduced you to our new Digital Assistant, Sasha Enticknap, who is working at Mall Galleries for one year on an apprenticeship programe.

In this month's update Sasha reveals what she's learnt in her two week training course and experiences back at the Gallery with Society of Wildlife Artists exhibition online.

The end of October signifies the end of my second month of working at Mall Galleries. Over the past month I have been provided with the chance to use the skills that I have been developing and what I had learnt during September, both at work and at Step Forward.

In the middle of October I spent two weeks with Step Forward as part of block training for my course. During these two weeks I used what I had learnt in September to create a website for my own fictional social media marketing business. I learnt what preparation is involved in creating a website , how it needs to have a structure, a theme and a colour scheme.

I created all the graphics that would be used in the website. This involved creating professional looking graphics and making sure that the dimensions were exactly right so that they fitted onto the page.

I did have a few problems whilst creating the website, sometimes I couldn’t manage to get the image dimensions right and the table that I used for the structure of the website didn’t always place sections exactly how I wanted them but in the end I created a professional website I was proud of

When I have been at Mall Galleries I was given various different tasks, during the first week of October I helped upload part of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters upcoming exhibition onto the website.

Another task that I’ve been given whilst at work included taking photographs during the Society of Wildlife Artists private view, which tested my reaction timing and my judgement on when to take a photograph as I had very little time to take a picture of someone receiving an award.

I was able to sit in on Darren Rees’ SWLA talk about his trip in the Antarctic aboard the HMS Protector. During the talk I made notes and took photographs of Darren speaking and of people looking at his sketchbooks.. I also tweeted quotes and photos I had taken during the talk.

I did come across one problem due to lighting as the lights were turned off in order for people to see the slideshow, I tested out what a photo would look like and took a couple during the talk when I felt that it was as good of a shot as I could take however most of the photos that was taken during the event was after the talk when the lighting was more ideal.

Outside of my work and coursework I also encountered other challenges. During the past month I had to learn how to budget my money for the first time and make sure that I had enough money to pay for all of my expenses whilst also getting estimates of how much things would cost me.

Travel was another challenge to me, there has been an occasion where my normal route has disrupted my journey to work and has caused me to search for an alternate route into getting into work.

October has been a challenging yet interesting month for me and I have enjoyed it immensely. During November I hope to continue facing new challenges and have more opportunities to further develop my skills and knowledge.

I can’t wait.

Sasha Enticknap