During the past month I have taken a functional skills exam, learnt how to salsa and done a lot of research tasks.

My time at Step Forward during November has been focused on revising and taking a functional skills exam. This included learning functions on excel, selecting appropriate information from text and using the internet to research specific topics.

During my social media class within the past month, we looked at the principals of Social Media in business. We looked at how there were both benefits and consequences of using social media for a business and how it can also be linked in with a company’s marketing plan.

My personal development sessions for November focused on responsibility, how it’s important to take responsibility for your actions and learn from them. A big factor of taking responsibility is to avoid making excuses for your actions and instead taking feedback and learning from it.

At Mall Galleries I have had a  variety of tasks, from posting on our social media pages to filming a talk in the learning centre, all presenting me with new challenges along the way. During the SWLA Natural Eye exhibition recorded a talk by Carry Akroyd. Although I have filmed many times whilst at school, this talk did challenge me by forcing me to create an improvised tripod.

Alongside filming I got to do a little bit of photography too. The Natural Eye Exhibition gave me the chance to get behind the lens and take photos of the awards ceremony as well as the gallery which were used to promote the exhibition on social media.

Away from the gallery itself, the deadline for the Pastel Society’s Call For Entries passed and the selection process was underway. At the time there had been a few problems, some of the selectors were having problems using the website and for the first time I took a business phone call, which was very frightening, I had to find solutions to all the problems I was presented with but soon everything was sorted out.

One task that I had that appeared a lot, however in different forms, was research tasks. During November I researched into which artists are on  twitter in the ROI and  The Columbia Threadneedle Prize. I also researched whether the churches featured in The Painted Parish exhibition had social media accounts.

Finally, outside of both college and the workplace I have also learnt some valuable lessons. I have learnt to make the most of my time and also to schedule things I want to do, when I want to do them and how long it will take me to do it. My time at home has become more productive and everything I want to get done gets done.

November has definitely been filled with variety, challenging me in new and different forms. Now that it’s December I hope that I can finish 2015 on a high note and go into the new year with my head held high.

Here’s to a good Christmas!

Sasha Enticknap