Prizes from The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2020 were awarded at the Private View held at Mall Galleries on Tuesday 4 February in front of a packed Main Gallery. The exhibition was opened by Paul Martin, Antique Dealer and Presenter of BBC's Flog It and Make Me a Dealer. 

The Pastel Society and Mall Galleries would like to congratulate all prize-winners and give a special thank you to all our prize givers. 

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The Prize Winners featured in Part One include:

The Artist Magazine Award

Katrina Wallis-King

Woodland Waters, Worthy Combe

Woodland stream tumbling alongside the toll road that runs up from the Exmoor coast. From sketches and notes, I've tried to capture the energetic pattern of the water making its way over the rocks and the golds and reds of winter bracken and dead leaves.

Artists & Illustrators Award

Margaret Larlham

Seeds of Change

Buckwheat indigenous to the Californian chaparral goes through an incredible transformation of colours. It begins milk green, then transforms through pink, orange, red, rust and in deep purple, finally explodes into seeds.

Henri Roche Award

Mark Cazalet

Night Watch 3

The Pastel Society Catalogue Award: First Prize

Susie Prangnell


Escapade is worked in pure soft pastel on Pastelmat. I have used versions of the primary colours to create a childlike sense of adventure and mischief.  I like the idea of pattern and order being disrupted giving me as an adult the freedom to play with shape, colour and composition.


The Pastel Society Catalogue Award: Second Prize

Halla Shafey

Girl Bride

Royal Talens Award

Fiona Carvell

Fire of the Deep

A portrait of my feelings of wonder of something that comes from another world - under the sea. Seaweed is both familiar and alien; strange in its texture and upon closer inspection, astonishingly beautiful in variants of colour, with glowing reds and golden tones like tongues of fire. Detail and colour become all-encompassing and fascination lies in where each strand starts or ends. What the subject matter is, becomes almost secondary to a celebration of natural colour and shape.

The Pastel Society Prize & Awards Winners Part Two

The Pastel Society Prize & Awards Winners Part Three


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