Peggy Cozzi is an abstract artist working in oils, whose improvisatory process facilitates fluid mark-making in a soft palette, where colours are juxtaposed to aesthetically please and conceptually arrest the viewer.

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A dynamic sense of movement and a rich textural quality are essential elements of Peggy Cozzi's latest works, which we have selected to feature as the first Reception Selection of 2018. We are furthermore delighted to announce that Peggy Cozzi’s Selection commences an all-female line-up for the coming year, with wildlife printmaker, Beatrice Forshall, and still life painter, Lucy McKie, to follow.

Peggy Cozzi, Passage

Each Reception Selection acts upon our intimate exhibition space to create a new and unique atmosphere at Carlton House Terrace; in the case of Peggy Cozzi, the atmosphere is unconstrained, full of fluid possibility and vigour – a perfect antidote to the regimented bustle of central London.

“I create from an awareness that everything is in flux”, says the artist, “and I hope to retain that sense of openness-to-change, even in my resolved works. My paintings never resemble closed objects, but I calibrate their openness carefully.” The openness of Cozzi’s work hovers like a question mark, inviting the viewer into the production of meaning.

A significant interlocutor in this experiential engagement is colour. When asked about the impact of colour on the viewer, Cozzi cites Derek Jarman’s argument in his book, Chroma, that colours hum with the associations accrued throughout the lived experience of humankind.

Peggy Cozzi, Night Drive

“Instead of prescribing meaning to colours, I am interested in the multiple resonances each colour has, both at a social and individual level. I hope my paintings tap into the experiencer’s associations, either psychologically or emotionally, because I feel those resonances myself.”

Cozzi is inspired to paint by a love of the medium, an inspiration which becomes self-generating as one painting prompts the next. This creative motor is evident in works such as ‘Constellation’ and ‘Night Drive’, where the paint is energetically displaced in confident arcing strokes which proliferate and extend across canvases.

Peggy Cozzi, Constellation

“For me, painting is a performative act, similar to dancing or playing music”, says Cozzi. These cross-disciplinary analogues reflect the artist’s diverse sources of inspiration. The seed of this Reception Selection was planted during the artist’s commute to her new studio, which takes Cozzi through the stunning coastline and hills of West Dorset.

“The journey fills me with optimism, and this sense of positive movement is diffused through my latest works”, she says. “I would listen to music, observe my surroundings, and contemplate my own mental landscape, becoming a mediator for this external and internal information.” Cozzi describes the resulting paintings as “internal landscapes” which evoke this symbiotic movement and potential.

Peggy Cozzi, Detour 2

Cozzi’s Selection will be exhibited in our reception space at 17 Carlton House Terrace from now until the end of May. Pay us a visit to discover these wonderful works in the flesh, and find them online at Buy Art | Buy Now.

Browse the whole of the Peggy Cozzi's Collection now