For her husband’s birthday, Monica Tudor commissioned a portrait of their Oxfordshire farmhouse, which was soon to go on the market, by artist Graham Webber ROI.  Monica wanted the house depicted in spring time but she needed a gift to present to her husband on his birthday in late winter.  Mall Galleries sent Monica a commissions gift box announcing the commission, explaining how in the coming months the artist would arrive onsite to paint the farmhouse in full bloom along with examples of Graham’s portfolio.

Monica explains the experience in her own words below:

“With the approaching milestone of my husband's 60th and impending sale of our much loved home, I decided that a portrait of our house would be an inspired idea.  But where to start?  Google just brought up hundreds of names which meant nothing and as a result things were beginning to look gloomy.  However, in amongst the gloom, I came across the Mall Galleries and decided that they would be a good point at which to start.  How right I was!

Their website alone is inspiring.  It provides you with a list of all their members with photographic examples of their works, enabling you to choose the artist with the style that you are looking for.  Anna Bromwich could not have been more helpful, guiding me through the process and providing me with a lovely 'gift box' to present the birthday boy.

The actual execution of the 'gift' was a wonderful experience - liaising with the artist to decide on which season to choose, meeting him on the day and watching the creation of the "working sketch" on sight was fascinating.  The whole family is thrilled with the result.

The experience was so enjoyable and seamlessly organised by Anna from start to finish. Highly recommended!”


                            - Monica Tudor, 2016