This blog post offers a closer look at six works from the forthcoming Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2016 (open 23 February to 5 March), in the artists’ own words...

Angela A’Court

Yesterday Morning

Soft Pastel, 42 x 52 cm, £650

“For the past 18 months, I have been living in Tokyo. This painting was done during a return home visit – it fell out of me, as a result of being back in familiar surroundings”


Diana Armfield

Somewhere The Other Side of The Rialto

Pastel, 36.5 x 38 cm, £1,500

“Memories from many painting visits to Venice inspired this work, which relied upon sketchbook notes and drawings for jogging the memory and invaluable information, even when a ‘not so good’ drawing…”

Pauline Clough

Cat Bells

Oil Pastel, 25.5 x 37 cm, £1,150

“I wanted to portray an organic and simplistic interpretation of Cat Bells in the Lake District. My use of oil pastel directly onto oak removed the need for glass or a frame”

Matthew Draper

Evening Mist from The Monument

Pastel, 101 x 186.5 cm, £10,500

“This work was made as a result of several research trips to the capital during the autumn of 2014. It is a continuation of my interest in nocturnal subject matter, and the obscurity that occurs at this time of day. This is often due to a combination of particular weather conditions and natural or man-made light”

Jenny Halstead

Excavation at Silchester

Pastel, 70 x 68 cm, £875

“This work was completed whilst Artist in Residence at the Roman town at Silchester, Calleva Atrebatum, where I recorded the final excavation (18th) by the Dept. of Archaeology, University of Reading”

Libby January

Macro Hard

Pastel & Mixed Media, 53 x 53 cm, £550

“This new work has been the result of experimenting with pastel on tracing paper. All the vibrancy of pastel colours is heightened by the translucency of the tracing paper but can be modulated into a subtle, almost watercolour effect”

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