There is no set pattern to work, sometimes I spend a lot of time looking and thinking, at other times there are bursts of intensive activity, or long periods trying to make something work.
Posted by Liam Kilby on Wed, 2021-01-20 11:15
For his collection of work in this year's exhibition, Simon found inspiration from his visit to Mall Galleries during last year's Pastel Society exhibition and sketching scenes around London prior to the Lockdown in March 2020 with a focus on Battersea and Tower Bridge areas.
Posted by Simon Hodges PS on Mon, 2021-01-18 13:57
I usually have the trigger of spotting something in the landscape that sparks ideas - often when out for reasons other than sketching. I then return for information in sketches and notes to take back to the studio
Posted by Liam Kilby on Mon, 2021-01-18 11:21
You must have a healthy, wholesome view of yourself, your works and what you can uniquely bring into the art world and be true to it!
Posted by Liam Kilby on Mon, 2021-01-04 10:41
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"Ken Howard is one of my painting heroes and as a young artist, I was inspired by his work and delighted in reading his books. His work is so uplifting."
Posted by Liam Kilby on Wed, 2020-12-23 09:00
It’s a great encouragement when artists whose work you admire so much select your painting to hang in the exhibition, and then a real thrill and a boost to see it up on the wall at the private view.
Posted by Liam Kilby on Thu, 2020-12-17 09:00
Tim Benson, President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, on a cup of tea, a deep breath and a few stern words with himself.
Posted by Liam Kilby on Wed, 2020-12-09 09:39
The New English Art Club and Mall Galleries would like to congratulate all prizewinners and give a special thank you to all our prize-givers. With videos, audio, images, and statements by the winners to watch, hear, see, and read, you can experience and enjoy the prize-winning works wherever you are.
Posted by Liam Kilby on Mon, 2020-12-07 10:55
"If you paint in oils, this is the ultimate shop window for the best that the medium has to offer. To get a chance to exhibit alongside such artists is invaluable."
Posted by Liam Kilby on Thu, 2020-12-03 09:30
Lucy McKie ROI on visiting Mall Galleries as a teenager, the colours on her palette and what she wishes she'd known at the start of her career.
Posted by Liam Kilby on Wed, 2020-11-25 17:51
Tim Benson, President of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, reflects on the special theme within this year's ROI Annual Exhibition.
Posted by Tim Benson PROI NEAC RP on Wed, 2020-11-25 16:03
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Part Three of the Prize Winners Blog from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition 2020.
Posted by Liam Kilby on Tue, 2020-11-24 15:51