Lisa Graa Jensen RI has a very distinctive style, so we were all intrigued to see how her painting of Mall Galleries client, Nigel’s home would materialise. He had long-since been a big fan of Lisa’s work and hoped that her fun and warm style perfectly aligned with his choice of subject matter.  Both figurative and inventive, Lisa’s picture is more than just a portrait.

Nigel tells us “The commission was delightfully consistent with my expectations and continues to give my wife and I a great deal of pleasure”, and that they have since acquired a further work by Lisa, bringing their collection of her works up to three.

Lisa also found the experience enriching, reflecting that "Having had a narrow boat for ten years, I know the River Thames reasonably well; and love painting canals and rivers; so I was delighted to be asked to do a painting of Nigel's really interesting house on stilts by the Thames. He wanted all the surrounding flora and fauna and passing river craft to encapsulate the beautiful relaxing place in which he lives."


Henley House Lisa Graa Jensen RI