Throughout art history artists have painted the view from windows, whether their own or others.  The Federation of British Artists is no exception and some of our most popular paintings depict these interior-exterior scenes.

Commissioning a view from one’s window is a highly personal way of engaging with this subject matter. It's a great opportunity to capture for posterity a sentimental scene from your home, office, favourite childhood spot or any other meaningful site.

The commissioning process is tailored to best suit you. Mall Galleries represents a wide variety of artists with a broad range of styles enabling you to select the individual who would best do justice to your vision. The artist you collaborate with will be able to work from your photographs, make working sketches or paint directly on site to create a work that will permanently record your chosen vista.

This has long been a popular subject for artists reaching far back to the Romans, with their convincing Trompe L’oeils, and to the Renaissance. Your panorama might be inspired by the Old Masters or the early modernists, by Antonello da Messina’s masterpiece Saint Jerome in his Study or Monet’s Boulevard des Capucines.

Have a look below to see examples of our artist’s interpretations of such a view.

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Text by Carmel Shayle

Header image: View from the Islands by Jenny Wheatley

Still Life with Mirrors by Chris Aggs

Bloomsbury Back Garden by Melissa Scott-Miller

Greenwich Street by Alex Fowler

Peeling Apples by Jane Corsellis

White Orchid by Delia Cardnell