Discover the RSMA Annual Exhibition 2018 with our new trailer, featuring the winner of the New Generation Award Frances Bell RP and many works which will be on display at this year's exhibition (11 to 20 October). Plus, read the exhibition foreword by Elizabeth Smith, President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. 


Foreword by Elizabeth Smith, President of the Royal Society of Marine Artists

Over recent years we have received many compliments on the wide variety of work in our Annual Exhibitions, referring to the range of subject matter as well as the choice of media, style and size of working. I hope you agree with me that the work we present in this, our 73rd Annual Exhibition, once again demonstrates this variety. The term “Marine Art” conjures up so many different images, bringing to mind everything associated with the sea and the marine environment. It covers all types of sea-going vessels, and the creatures that live in or by the sea; it includes marine-related industries and many leisure and sports activities; it covers coastal landscapes, shaped by the continual motion of the sea; and the vast expanses of the oceans themselves.

Our members and exhibitors find inspiration all around the coast of this incredible Island, from the northern shores of Scotland to the farthest tip of Cornwall. Much of the coastline of Britain is represented here; each place has its own unique qualities and characteristics which are so ably depicted in the work on show.

There is little wonder, with such a variety of subject matter on hand, that our eagerly anticipated exhibitions offer something to appeal to each of our welcomed visitors. Whatever piece of work catches your eye, you can be sure it is an example of the very best in marine art.

We are delighted to introduce two new awards for this year. The Baltic Exchange, a Foundation member of Maritime London, providing services to the world-wide commercial shipping industry, is sponsoring a £2,000 award for a work relating to their area of expertise – commercial shipping. And, through the generosity of long-standing RSMA member Kenneth Denton, £500 is offered for a work depicting the sea in all its moods. We are most grateful to both of these, and indeed all our sponsors, for their support.

This is my final year as President. Following the close of this exhibition I stand down, as required by our rules. It has been an interesting and rewarding time that has seen this exhibition go from strength to strength. It has been particularly pleasing to be able to encourage the increase in submissions from non-members, and to witness the wealth of talent and diversity of approach they bring. Whilst we must always value the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of our long established members, so too should we welcome and nurture the new ideas and approaches of those who are not yet members, for they could be the ones who will lead our Society into an exciting future.

Elizabeth Smith PRSMA, High and Dry

I cannot finish without thanking the many people who make this exhibition possible. Our members not only produce amazing pieces of art to grace these walls each year, but they also serve on committees and work in a variety of other ways to promote our society. The staff at Mall Galleries do the administrative work with expert efficiency and are always on hand with useful and helpful advice – I thank them personally as well as on behalf of the Society. And last, but never least, I thank you for visiting the exhibition: it has been a real pleasure to meet so many of you over the years and I look forward to our continued association for many years to come.

Enjoy the exhibition!

Elizabeth Smith

President, The Royal Society of Marine Artists

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