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Radio 3 was playing again, Franz Liszt as Composer of the Week. Pretty stirring stuff.

We looked at the portrait upside down, it helps to abstract the image and see how the rectangular canvas has been divided up.

Peter says the painting is becoming centrifugal. That Turner used the centrifugal shape a lot, it is considered by some to relate to Death. That we are spinning into Death.

Then we looked at some Giacometti portraits upside down, this way you can see just how much of the detail is focussed on the face, the bodies are very ill-defined, and sometimes the hands appear huge.

Peter then showed me an exercise in perspective to show that these giant hands were probably exactly as seen: Hold both hands out in front of you, as if they were flat against a wall. Close one eye and bring one hand towards you until it is level with your other elbow. The difference in size is amazing!