Lewis McNaught, Director of Mall Galleries, selects six of the best at the New English Art Club Annual Open Exhibition

Exhibition open from 18-27 June, 2015

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Louise Balaam NEAC

Light on the Clouds, Ullapool

Oil, 51 x 51 cm

Balaam’s expressionistic landscapes reveal her passion for form, colour and mark making. You don’t need scale to convey the essence of a landscape when the brush can do the work for you. This is one of five powerful oil on panel works by Balaam in this year’s exhibition.

James Bland NEAC


Oil, 30 x 26 cm

It’s good to see such high quality work from new members of the NEAC. Bland made a strong impact at the 2014 Threadneedle Prize with a work entitled Ghost. This still life is a departure from the figure studies where he is making such an impact, but the palette and brushwork are equally vigorous and accomplished.

Peter Brown NEAC PS ROI RP Hon RBA

Notre Dame from Quai des Grands Augustins

Oil on canvas, 63.5 x 76 cm

‘Pete the Street’ is best known for his street views around London and Bath (where he lives). But recently he’s been venturing across the Channel, creating some wonderful impressionistic, plein air views of Paris and other cities. This is an especially vibrant view that recalls happy memories for many of us….

Michael Cooper NEAC

Evening Landscape

Oil, 28 x 65 cm

I love Cooper’s treatment of this wide-open space, depicted sparingly using a simple but striking colour palette. The textural qualities of the finish encourage you to linger over the surface and enjoy the finished view, imposing your own thoughts about the red shape in the hillscape.

Tom Harforth

Behind Preston

Silkscreen on Washi paper & map, 39 x 26 cm

This year’s exhibition includes a new prize, awarded to a young artist from the North of England who’s created a work inspired by their surroundings. Talent abounds, although the winner has yet to be announced. It’s not hard to imagine why this exquisite but gritty, urban street view by Harforth has been selected.

Melissa Scott-Miller NEAC RP

Bloomsbury Square

Oil on canvas, 66 x 97 cm

Nobody paints London bricks as well as Melissa! Like ‘Pete the Street’ Melissa can often be spied around North London and the West End capturing the rugged hues and tones of London’s terraced architecture. In this view, she’s included a portrait of herself at Bloomsbury Square in bloom.