Miriam Escofet AssocRP talks about the Still Lifes she painted using her client's collections of objects


Fiddler's Hill Nest

The owner of this painting lives in a farm in Wiltshire. He particularly admired one of my previous paintings on the theme of a bird’s nest and wanted something very similar, but very particularly depicting certain eggs and insects from his collection. As a child he would collect bird’s eggs with his father and he has very fond memories of this, they amassed quite an impressive selection of all kinds of eggs, kept in old tobacco tins and cushioned with tufts of wool. Most of the eggs in the painting come from his collection. The inclusion of a death head moth and other British butterflies were also specific requests.


Inkwells on Blue

This commission was loosely based on a previous still life painting also on the theme of inkwells and drawing implements. The painting combines objects belonging to the clients with objects from my own still life materials. It is somewhat based on Dutch Golden Age still life paintings in terms of lighting and layout and later was used in a photo-shoot for Wallpaper* magazine on the theme of Patrick Caulfield’s paintings.



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