Janine Baldwin on the works she is exhibiting at The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2021.

For her collection of work in this year's exhibition, Janine found inspiration from the connection of human interaction with the natural landscape around us.


Nature can provide a welcome retreat, especially when life is hard. 

I find that time spent in the quiet winter landscape gives me precious space to reflect and reminds me that we are all part of the bigger picture and life continues no matter what - seasons change and time passes. 

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Both Furrowed and Scarred Fields celebrate the same subject matter. Throughout the years our land has been worked over and over again, shaping its topographical history. 

I've always enjoyed exploring these lines and forms in my work both in terms of abstracted mapmaking and also to reflect something of our presence on the land through the ages.

Scarred Field

The marks left by human presence on the air forms the focus of this piece. It says something about the cycle of crop growing and changing of the seasons. 

Each season brings its own challenges and, in turn, rewards.

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Slip Away

This piece is dedicated to my father, who passed away recently; he was always the biggest champion of my artistic career.

He was a quiet man with a gentle but strong energy. And this landscape seemed to reflect him so well.

A landscape which appears delicate at first sight, but has seen and survived through many years of change.

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Frozen Ground

When the temperatures have remained low for a prolonged time, it seems the ground will never thaw. 

Trees are sparse skeletons and the blue of snow shadows gives a cold palette to the landscape. 

I wanted to capture the feeling of crisp air and solid frozen earth in the depths of winter.

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