A Unique Opportunity to help Young Talent become Professional Artists

‘In the Studio’ is inspired by the everyday life and spaces of professional artists. Supporting this unique project will enable more creative young people to discover the studios of artists who exhibit at Mall Galleries. During visits and mentoring sessions, they will explore the significance of these very personal spaces, and the influence they can have for developing a successful career in the arts.

Several young artists find the idea of a long-term career in the art world daunting or financially and logistically unrealistic. Artists taking their first steps in the industry do not often have the opportunity to meet their mid-career and well-established professional peers in order to find out more about how they progressed through the sector. ‘In the Studio’ will help familiarise young talent with what it is really like being a professional artist - beyond what they see and experience in a museum or gallery. They will be invited into the space where Mall Galleries artists spend most of their time, thinking, researching, experimenting and creating work.

Some of the participants will be art school graduates, others will not have been through formal art training. We will also engage those young artists coming from disadvantaged backgrounds who might not have been able to develop their talent due to financial, social or educational barriers. ‘In the Studio’ will allow Mall Galleries artists to share their stories of how they have developed professionally and creatively throughout the years in order to educate and inspire young talent.

The project will culminate with a group exhibition in our Learning Centre on the significance of ‘The Artist’s Studio’, with all artwork created by the young artists themselves in collaboration with Mall Galleries artists. This will be the perfect opportunity to show their own creative work in a central London gallery for the first time and to share their ideas with our visitors.

Your support will help create a new generation of artists for Mall Galleries. 

Image: The Other Richard