With the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year exhibition launching this week (1 to 5 May) and the New England Art Club’s Annual Exhibition right around the corner (14 to 22 June), we felt it fitting to bring the two together by compiling a selection of gastronomical works from the upcoming NEAC show.

There are fewer elements of human life more deeply embedded in the fabric of society than food. And so examining the ways different cultures use it offers a unique glimpse into the ritualistic nature of communities around the world. A central tenet of human survival, the gastronomic has been a constant presence throughout the canon of art history, from Vermeer's milkmaid and Van Gogh's potato eaters to Andy Warhol's soup cans. Now to enjoy this selection of food-related paintings from the New English Art Club.

Small Blue Plums’ by Diana Calvert NEAC: Oil, 30 x 41 cm – £575


'Quince' by Pamela Kay NEAC, RBA: Oil, 23 x 28 cm – £1,850


'Dining Table with French Lamp' by Susan Ryder RP NEAC: Oil, 69 x 94 cm – £4,800


'Papaya and Limes' by Felicity House PS: Oil, 36 x 38 cm – £850


'Still Life' by Daniel Shadbolt NEAC: Oil, 69 x 79 cm – £900


'Pomegranate Tree' by Charlotte Sorapure NEAC: Oil, 48 x 34 cm – £1,800

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