The launch of our new website in December 2014 allows a perfect digital platform to showcase the Annual Exhibitions of the Federation of British Artists Societies.

Over 1,800 works from the FBA Annual Exhibitions have been uploaded to and viewed almost 40,000 times throughout 2015.

Listed below from one to ten are the most popular works from the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition Look Again based on the number of unique page visits the work received.

Congratulations to Mike Clapton for having the most popular work online in the PS Annual Exhibition 2015. 

Mike Clapton, Take Care

Compressed Charcoal

110 x 85 cm

Barry Freeman, Dusk - Spa Hill

Oil pastel

90 x 90 cm

Michael Norman PS, Dusk at Turf Locks

Soft Pastel

67 x 82 cm

Joanne Last PS, Almost There


76 x 76 cm

Liz Balkwill, Sunflowers


57 x 47

Jan Munro, Red Chair and Apples


62 x 50 cm

Felicity House PS, Oxfords The Bakers


64 x 83 cm

Tony Allain PS, Campanille, Venice

Soft Pastels

28 x 28 cm

Max Baccanello, Deadly Sin

Pastel and Conte

60 x 120 cm

Caroline Bays PS, Nude with Red Hair

Charcoal & Pastel

80 x 102