Robbie Wraith RP, Burlesque, Oil, 117 x 168 cm, POA

The Top Portrait painters this year are Phoebe Dickinson, Robbie Wraith and Keith Breeden.

The current Top Ten portrait painters are Phoebe Dickinson, Robbie Wraith, Keith Breeden, Brendan Kelly, Frances Bell, Paul Brason, Anthony Connolly, David Cobley, Valeriy Gridnev and Toby Wiggins.

Keith Breeden RP, Professor Lord Krebs of Wytham, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, Oil, 100 x 90 cm, NFS

These are the artists who received the most enquiries at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters’ Annual Exhibition at Mall Galleries. This is a showcase for contemporary portraiture with over 200 works on show comprising work by 42 eminent members and the 87 non-member artists who entered the best works through the open submission.

Phoebe Dickinson, Carson on Set at Highclere Castle, Oil, 35 x 18 cm, NFS

Interestingly Phoebe Dickinson, - whose tiny portrait of Carson, the character from the television series ‘Downton Abbey’, - attracted much attention, is the only non-member artist on this list but she is the one who received the most enquiries. Phoebe started training in Florence at Charles H Cecil Studios, Lavender Hill Studios practicing printmaking at the Prince’s Drawing School and Heatherly's School of Fine Art.

Valeriy Gridnev and Keith Breeden often vie for first and second place but this year two of Valeriy Gridnev’s major works were held up by the paperwork required by customs on their way over from Russia and did not reach the gallery in time for the show.

Valeriy Gridnev RP, Guitarist, Oil, 66 x 105 cm, NFS

Many of the people enquiring are considering commissioning a portrait so hopefully the artists will enjoy patronage over the coming months and years as well as accolade.

For anybody who missed the show and would like to commission a portrait all is not lost; I am available throughout the year by appointment!

Annabel Elton

Head of Commissions

More works from the Top Ten Portrait Painters

All works were exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition 2015

Paul Brason RP, Sir Alan Battersby, Oil, 97 x 107 cm, NFS

David Cobley RP NEAC, Neil Osborn, Oil, 97 x 127 cm, NFS

Anthony Connolly, Annunziata, Oil, 50 x 40 cm, NFS

Brendan Kelly RP, Fabio, Acrylic, 100 x 112 cm, £8,500

Toby Wiggins RP, Guy Bamford at Dunshay Studio, Oil, 135 x 85 cm, NFS

Francis Bell Assoc RP, Self Portrait (Part 1, 2, and 3), Oil, 53 x 58 cm