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The Pastel Society's 118th Annual Exhibition opened at Mall Galleries on February 20. Thank you to all the artists who exhibited this year and a special congratulations to all the prize and award winners.
Posted by Liam Kilby on Mon, 2017-02-27 09:12
100 The Travelling Post Office 24 x 22.jpg
When he heard the last Royal Mail Travelling Post Office Train was to run in 2004, Ian Cryer arranged to document for posterity the Royal Mail Staff sorting post at 90 miles an hour from Plymouth to Bristol.
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Thu, 2017-02-16 10:24
Ben Hope is the second artist to participate in The Reception Selection, a select grouping of works from Buy Art | Buy Now hung specially for the Mall Galleries reception at 17 Carlton House Terrace. Depa Miah talks to Ben about his processes and inspirations. Bio Benjamin took an unconventional route to a career in art. Despite wanting to become...
Posted by Anna Bromwich on Wed, 2017-02-15 17:30
macac 3.jpg
Jack Haslam is a young London-based artist whose tender and genuine works reflect the themes of ‘friendship, loyalty and control’, especially in his artistic treatment of wildlife. Browse Jack Haslam's works here Readers may have seen Jack's work in previous exhibitions at Mall Galleries in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year...
Posted by Anna Bromwich on Fri, 2017-01-27 13:44
Tabish Khan, Arts Critic for Londonist, tells us why eight works from Buy Art Buy Now stood out for him.
Posted by Anna Bromwich on Wed, 2017-01-25 12:31
I was looking for some fresh, contemporary work which was technically excellent and which also stood out from the crowd in terms of originality and visual appeal. As a gestural painter myself I'm also particularly drawn to a luscious use of paint!
Posted by Anna Bromwich on Wed, 2017-01-25 12:18
I’m attracted to colour and the way an artist chooses to apply their paint to canvas or board. I also enjoy looking closely at the brushwork:
Posted by Anna Bromwich on Tue, 2017-01-24 15:29
Mulford sq.jpg
Inês-Hermione Mulford Surgical Still-Life Voted the Jackson's One to Watch by visitors to FBA Futures 2017
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Tue, 2017-01-24 11:06
WEBHaslam.J.Fox-artists proof screenprint.jpg
Every two months we'll be asking invited curators to choose a selection of works from Mall Galleries' online gallery, Buy Art Buy Now. Our curators are artists, collectors or art professionals and their choices give us an insight not just into the works they have chosen, but how art lovers build collections. We start with selections by Mall Galleries Director...
Posted by Anna Bromwich on Mon, 2017-01-23 11:49
Packed with new features from zoom tools to colour filters. We've made it easier for you to find the artist or the genre you're looking for and to discover new ones in the process.
Posted by Anna Bromwich on Sun, 2017-01-22 11:49
By Popular Demand (obviously) raises debate surrounding the difference in taste and opinion between the critics choice and the public award, which will be discussed on Saturday 14 January, in our panel discussion: ‘Who Decides?’
Posted by Liam Kilby on Thu, 2017-01-12 15:26
FBA Fut pv sq.jpg
Charlie and Tori Day of Studio One Gallery offered some excellent advice to artists at our FBA Futures 2017 networking event, that we thought we should share with you in its entirety, as it is true for artists at any stage of their career.
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Thu, 2017-01-12 10:31