The launch of our new website in December 2014 allows a perfect digital platform to showcase the Annual Exhibitions of the Federation of British Artists Societies.

Over 1,800 works from the FBA Annual Exhibitions have been uploaded to and viewed almost 40,000 time throughout 2015.

Listed below from one to ten are the most popular works from the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition based on the number of unique page visits the work received. Congratulations to Jennifer Anderson for having the most popular portrait online for the RP Annual Exhibition 2015.

Jennifer Anderson, The Directors: A Portrait of Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum, London, and Tom Campbell, Director of the Metropolitan Museum, New York


120 cm x 120 cm

Simon Davis, Standing Nude


71 x 61 cm

Paul Brason PPRP, Mary Rees-Mogg


61 cm x 46 cm

Nashunmenghe, Elizabeth


40 x 30 cm

Liane Stevenson, Benedict.2.


84 x 69 cm

Jane Bond RP NEAC, Lady Buckinghamshire


79 x 74 cm

Claire Anscomb, Veil


28 cm x 35 cm

Tim Benson VPROI, Clifford


31 cm x 26 cm

Brendan Kelly RP, Fabio


100 cm x 112 cm

Keith Breeden RP, Professor Lord Krebs of Wytham, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford


100 x 90 cm

Call for Entries

The RP seeks submissions of new and traditional interpretations of portraiture. The Call for Entries is currently open, submit your artwork before Friday 29 January 2016.

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