Sebastian Seal had come across a painting of Bantham Beach by Duncan Palmar at the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) Annual Exhibition and although the painting had sold, it had struck a chord.  Sebastian knew the area well, as he spends the summer holidays with his family windsurfing in the Cornish bay.  

Mall Galleries offers commissions advice throughout the RSMA and so Sebastian was able to discuss the possibilities of commissioning Duncan with our consultants who arranged quotes and contracts with the artist and put them in touch. Sebastian was interested in commissioning a similar work to the Bantham Beach painting he’d seen, but as the conversation unfolded with Duncan, the idea that he and his family would feature in it emerged.  The final result featured the beach that Sebastian had such a connection to, bathed in summer sunlight, his children in the foreground and almost a speck on the horizon, Sebastian’s red windsurf sail.

Sebastian said about the experience:

"Commissioning was a great experience for us, from the anticipation in waiting for the painting to be finished, the lovely surprise at the final result and the personal touch when we met Duncan and discussed how our ideas were introduced into his own work."

-Sebastian Seal 2016