The Society of Wildlife Artists, The Natural Eye, was at Mall Galleries in October 2015. We spoke to Fiona Clucas SWLA about her commission of a field full of wildflowers.

A resident of the small village of Levens, Cumbria commissioned wildlife artist Fiona Clucas SWLA to produce an artwork depicting a particular field full of wildflowers seen over the main village wall. 

While working on the commission, Fiona found herself completely taken by this piece of undisturbed land. She is equally passionate about the habitat of wildlife as she is for the wildlife itself, so the surrounding wild hedgerows were of personal interest, particularly, the varied species of birds they attract, such as migratory swallows and finches.

Fiona’s place of work is literally on her doorstep. Her back garden provides the diverse mixture of flora and fauna that Fiona uses as inspiration when working en plein air. Her completed, or near-completed, preparatory sketches often sell as artworks in their own right – she says people love the immediacy of these drawings. 

The end result of this particular project was Moss Verge, Summer, a large painting of a picturesque field which is used mainly for grazing flock. Both client and artist were very happy with the result - enough to exhibit the painting in this years SWLA exhibition. Visitors to The Natural Eye last month would have had the chance to view the result of a commissioned artwork with real sentimental value.

Fiona Clucas SWLA, Moss Verge, Summer

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