Visitors to The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2017 we asked to vote for their favourite work in the show to decide the winner of the first Derwent Visitors’ Choice Award. Derwent have been sponsoring The Pastel Society since 2016.

The work with the most votes was: Jugs and Roses by Patricia Whiting.


This stunning work is done in Coloured Pencil.

Patsy Whiting was born in Bolton and studied in Loughborough and Manchester. After a period of working as an artist, whilst bringing up a family, she began a career in teaching art. This eventually led, through specialist training, to an Educational Audiology post in Bolton Sensory Service, working with deaf children aged 3-18.

Patsy continued to produce art throughout her career in deaf education, working in a variety of media, including print, sculpture and painting. During the course of her teaching she developed skills in visual presentation and digital animation which became her key expressive medium. However, a visit to the Picasso museum in Paris a few years ago inspired her to begin drawing again in earnest and to leave teaching. She now has a studio in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Artist's statement

"My still lives and figures are drawn on a roughly textured pastel ground. The image is built up gradually in layers from detailed photographs, focussing on a small area at a time. It is the play of light which fascinates and challenges me. I love the process of taking away the black to make a form appear out of the shadow. "