Over the course of the pandemic, pets have been a real source of joy for many of us, bringing happiness and companionship to our otherwise isolated days, and these paintings can be seen as a celebration of our furry friends!
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Fri, 2021-07-02 16:36
Pearson-Mark-Cash & Carry.jpeg
Many of the works in this collection of paintings looking at the High Street, focus on the people that inhabit the spaces
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Fri, 2021-07-02 11:58
Art History is full of Bathers, whether scenes from, or inspired by ancient Greek and Roman mythology; the late 19th and 20th Century where the bathing nude was used to express intimate domesticity, more radical views of naturalising the human form, or as a timeless image to explore representational painting itself. Figurative Art Now has its share of contemporary Baths and Bathers.
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Thu, 2021-07-01 17:16
More than ever, we’re aware of the wonderful work of medical professionals, doctors, nurses, and carers. And of our own fragility. Amongst the horrors of the last year and a half, it’s been reassuring to know there is an army of people dedicated to caring for us when we are most in need. We also began to recognise a much wider group of people as Key Workers, those stacking supermarket shelves so we are fed, those delivery people bringing us our essential shopping when we couldn’t go out. We’ve rightly started to thinking of these people as heroes.
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Thu, 2021-07-01 16:36
Morrison-James Robert-There is never more than a fag paper between them - Kieron and Wayne.jpeg
Over lockdown, many of us were faced with extended periods of isolation and loneliness. Now we are finally able to see and spend time with our loved ones again, and to meet new people to explore intimate moments with. A celebration of couples kissing one another can be seen within Figurative Art Now’s online exhibition.
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Thu, 2021-07-01 16:05
Apples are a common fruit that have a long and rich history within the art world, regularly being portrayed by artists across the globe. Their symbolism is rich and varied, ranging from representing original sin within Christianity, to being used to represent wealth, knowledge and power by the Ancient Greeks. Within this blog post we will be taking a look at the exciting variety of ways in which contemporary artists within the Figurative Art Now Online Exhibition have captured the fruit.
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Thu, 2021-07-01 15:34
Due to lockdown, the commute is something that many of us have no longer been experiencing in our daily lives, and whilst it isn’t always the most enjoyable part of our days, travelling on a tube or a train creates a great opportunity for people watching and allows us time to reflect on our thoughts. Perhaps the following artworks will transport you to the experience of a busy tube or train journey!
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Thu, 2021-07-01 14:50
Quarantined at home for 10 days after visiting her mum in her hometown of Lisbon, Portugal, Jessica used some of this time to browse the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition online.
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The first time I got involved properly in hanging the Annual Exhibition I was Tom Coates’ gopher. He was the big cheese: we used to race each other to get to the gallery first and I always won, because I lived in Hackney at the time and the bus got me there before Tom’s T Cruiser was parked in Carlton House Terrace.
Posted by Charles Williams NEAC on Wed, 2021-06-23 15:52
We were delighted to award Maddy Buttling the Mall Galleries Prize for Best Figurative Painting at last year’s Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize.
Posted by Liberty Rowley on Wed, 2021-06-23 12:26
The New English Art Club and Mall Galleries are delighted to announce the Prizes & Awards from the New English Art Club Annual Exhibition 2021. Congratulations to all artists who have been awarded prizes by our generous prize givers. The exhibition is open at Mall Galleries until Saturday 3 July. Book Tickets If you cannot make the exhibition we hope...
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An empty chair in a piece of figurative artwork is often representative of the person who would sit in it, so they are, in a sense, a form of portraiture.
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