The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI) and Mall Galleries are pleased to announce the prizewinners at this year’s RI 208th Exhibition, the largest exhibition of contemporary water-based media paintings in the world. 

With lockdown postponing the show, the winning works were chosen from the gallery’s website rather than its walls.

We are now ready to re-open so you can come and see the works for yourself.

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However with videos, audio, images and statements by the winners to watch, hear, see, and read, we hope you can experience and enjoy their works wherever you are.

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The prize winners featured in part two include:

The Schmincke Prize

Emma Hollaway

Found Paintings 2.1

‘Found Paintings 2.1’ is a work from an ongoing series. Returning to watercolours after several years, I opened my palettes to find collections of forgotten paintings in the lids. As a way of reconnecting with the medium, I turned to painting these paintings.

Painting with watercolour on dry paper was once described to me as a staining process, and I enjoyed the literal parallel with the stains on the set itself. This well-used school watercolour set is the fourth in the series. The paintings in its lid remember unknown works of art that this little set helped create.  

The President's Choice Award

Lucy Pulvers

Self Portrait 1

The Richard Plincke RI Prize for Colour

Paul Murray

Winter Memorials

Winter Memorials is a painting of a view of the surrounding landscape of the cemetery where my father is buried in Gourock just West of Glasgow. Although I say a painting, I see it more as a composition using gouache, collage and drawing.

The initial composition is developed from sketches of the shapes and textures of the gravestones and memorials. It is created through layers of brushwork, collage of patterned and pre-painted paper and mark making as they move between the abstract and the representational.

The objects and their negative space are only the starting point: I allow the textures and marks to dictate what happens next.

The Debra Manifold RI Memorial Award

Presented by the Linda Blackstone Gallery

Lisa Graa Jensen RI

Deep Midwinter

‘Deep Midwinter’ is one of a winter series. The three paintings are syndicated out for use as cards. The initial idea came during a freezing cold snowy walk one day in February on the North Downs in deepest Surrey with my dog, when three deer raced across the fields in front of us... really beautiful. Snowy Peace, then Snowy Land and finally Deep Midwinter came from that snowy walk.

The John Purcell Paper Prize

Faye Bridgwater

140 Monochrome Studies of Sussex

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